A warm welcome from South West Pipe Club. We are a leading drainage pipe fitter with years of experience and knowledge of the industry.


Bespoke Drain Pipe Services

Here at South West Pipe Club, our goal is to not only install drain pipes that work, but drain pipes that last. We have been an established since 2006, and are focused on consistently improving our products, services and brand to ensure that customer satisfaction remains high.

What we do:

The work we can undergo across the country includes traditional installations such as residential house draining systems, industrial drain pipes and general material repairs. Despite this our services don’t stop there, as South West Pipe Club are also capable of planning, construction and fitting bespoke drain pipes to a vast amount of facilities. Over the years we have carried such services out at locations such as business parks, sports pitches, train stations and much more.

What we install:

We pride ourselves on offering the best and most durable drainage pipes on the market today, the SDR 35 PVC pipe. This material, combined with our advanced pipe positioning technology allows for one of the best piping systems available.


Throughout our site we will showcase some of the case studies we have done across England, along with providing updates on new products and services we aim to push in the future. We hope you enjoy navigating through our site!